Parkrun & Schools Champs

An early start on a blustery Saturday as the neighbour decided that basketball might be a good option at 5am. Not sure if that was really early for him or really late! Either way for me it meant that my first destination for the day wasn’t too far away: Dulwich Parkrun.

Dulwich Park (South London) has a sealed main loop that is just a tick over a mile. So it’s ideal for a 5k race with three laps of 1660-ish metres each (although I make the course about 100m long, but that’s what most people say after they’ve run any race, isn’t it?). Anyway, with the strong winds everyone’s times seemed to be off by about 20-30secs but the beauty of this park makes up for any dampeners on the weather front. Big ups to the team of volunteers who faithfully put the event on each Saturday.

Then it was on to Battersea Park Track where the London Schools Championships were taking place. I was greeted by the typical buzz of high schoolers in their school or club colours battling it out for supremacy in their city.

You’ve got to love the passion of school-aged events where thoughts of times and distances (thrown or jumped) always seem to come second to just enjoying the experience, and especially enjoying the experience of beating the guy/girl next to you and then being best buddies immediately after. I particularly loved the block-less 100m races – I didn’t see any barefoot entries though (maybe Londoners are a bit too civilised for that carry on).Image