The Egg and Spoon Race

So back in my day we used real, breakable eggs with real, limited-surface-area spoons. Back then the egg ‘n’ spoon race was the pinnacle of both athletic speed and hand-eye coordination. It was about finding the perfect equilibrium between being fast and being in control. It was about avoiding breaking the egg at all costs, but also about avoiding coming last at all cost. 

So with such a heritage and tradition engrained in my psyche you can imagine my perturbation when I turned up to a London school athletics day only to find that the spoon had been replaced by an enormous tennis racket and … wait for it … the egg had been replaced by a soft toy! What?! Next thing kids won’t have to walk 10 miles to school in the snow with bare feet anymore. Kids these days, I pity them. 

Anyway, the kids were still having heaps of fun, and there was far less cleaning up required from the teachers (I know if I was doing a workout after these kids I wouldn’t want egg yoke flicking up from my spikes!). But it all reminded me of how cool it would be to have the egg ‘n’ spoon race (the real one), the three legged race and the wheel barrow race all introduced to the regular Olympic athletics events. Imagine Usain Bolt going sub-10 with a desert spoon and a size 7 free range egg.