Six Million Ladies in Pink

Cancer Research UK organises these fundraising races around the country. They’re women-only events and 90% of the ladies wear pink. They hold 240 of them nationwide every year, so you can understand my expectation for the numbers to spread a little thin … but oh how wrong I was.

At the Battersea Park event (a few weeks back) and the most recent Blackheath event, I was absolutely blown away by the swarms of pink-clad fundraising ladies (from young girls to grandmums … and even some dogs dressed in pink – I assume they were female dogs). Literally thousands and thousands of them, all having a great time, all getting fit and all doing it for a great cause: the race against cancer. Over the years they’ve raised half a billion pounds (and probably lost a few million pounds, of the other variety, combined in the process)!

Of course there are no times recorded or place-getter awards handed out; everyone finisher gets a medal. This race series is all about participation and building awareness for a cause. It made me wonder if there will ever be a men-only event like this that will catch on. A 5k run through mud and axle grease where competitors must wear all black and are chased by dobermans to fundraise for prostate cancer, maybe? Yeah, maybe not.


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