Here’s a great way to get proactive in getting over injuries … and it includes eating!!


It’s fair to say that I’m pretty desperate to fix my peroneal tendon in time for the Chicago Marathon – now just two and a half weeks away. So as well as resting my foot, doing daily Pilates, and chain-drinking green tea, I have also been looking into foods with anti-inflammatory properties, and over the weekend made up a salad full of some of my favourite vegetables, all selected for their tendon-friendliness.

Among the ingredients are:

Beetroot – loaded with goodness, including potassium (which helps muscle contractions) and vitamin C (anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, general nutritional all-rounder)

Broccoli – the original superfood, with inflammation-busting bioflavanoids and vitamin A

Butternut squash – jam packed with vitamin A, as well as vitamin C, potassium and lots more

Puy lentils – as well as being my go-to legume for their delicious peppery taste, their vitamin E content calms inflammation, while a whole string of amino…

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