Here Comes TempoFit

Introducing our exciting and brand spanking new 6-week boot camp-style running programme called TempoFit.

TempoFitIt’s designed for runners who want to get faster, sportspeople who want to get fitter, and for anyone who wants to escape the gym and get in shape for summer.

The Auckland-based 6-week programme has three workouts per week:

  • Mondays (5:45pm) target running technique and build core strength,
  • Wednesdays (5:45pm) are about raw speed development (intervals, hills and sprints),
  • and Saturdays (8:30am) focus on endurance (where you get a choice threshold running or LSD if you’re in marathon training).

This variety will help you avoid injuries and also make it suitable for all fitness levels as the football and rugby players will breeze through the sprints but probably find the threshold work challenging and vice versa for the runners. If you can run 5k non-stop you’ll be able to do this.

The workouts are fun and social (they’re not races!) and although you don’t have to attend every session, you’ll want to! All workouts are held at either Victoria Park or the Auckland Domain. The first 6-week season starts 16 September 2013.

Tell me more about TempoFit!

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