Eating Tips for Runners: Part Two

New to running but don’t know what to eat, how much, and when?

Worried that you’re going to be ravenously hungry or exhausted before you’ve even put your shoes on?

This is part two of Charlotte’s eating tips for runners. Read part one on my previous blog here.


3. How Much to Eat

One portion of whole grain carbohydrate and one portion of low-fat protein before your jog is about all you need an hour before. A portion is about the size of the palm of your hand. For example, half a banana and half a glass of low-fat milk.

Once you get back, have one portion of carbohydrate and one portion of protein again. If you jog first thing, you may want to have some of your breakfast first and save the rest for afterwards. If you run at lunch, have half your chicken sandwich 60 minutes before and half afterwards with an extra piece of fruit. If you plan to run just before dinner, have the snack before and save a small entree for straight afterwards.

4. What About Water?

One of the main reasons you may feel tired on a run is if you haven’t had enough water to drink.

Chances are if you’re running straight after you’ve woken up, after sitting in a chair all day or after a busy hot day on the go, you’re dehydrated. We always want to start running in a euhydrated (equal) state, then top up the lost fluid when we get back.

If you’re doing an intense workout for longer than an hour, you should also drink on the go, but while you’re getting your fitness up, just focus on pre and post run drinks.

Two great ways to tell if you need to drink is, firstly, simply asking yourself “Am I thirsty?”. If your mouth’s feeling a little dry and you’re thinking about water (or even food), why not have a glass? Secondly, have you peed lately, how much and what colour was your urine? If you managed a dark gold trickle several hours ago, you NEED to find a tap. Aim for a pale lemon/almost clear hue.

Happy running.


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