Gearing up for Spring TempoFit

With Auckland gradually dragging itself out of a rather wet winter, we are all getting super excited about our Spring Season of TempoFit starting 15 September.

TempoFit - Goals

This is an important time of year for running in Auckland. Obviously the Auckland Marathon (2 Nov) is a major goal for many, but this year the Queenstown Marathon three weeks later has also attracted a few plane loads of eager runners south to compete in it’s first ever event. 

So the next six weeks of TempoFit is going to be some seriously crucial training time.  

To mix things up a little we’re creating teams within the boot camp. So those targeting the marathon will have slightly different workout goals from those targeting the half and so on for the quarter marathon/10k. In particular, the Saturday long runs are going to take on some big challenges as people gear up for the big day. 

One of those runs we will be doing is Auckland’s Coast to Coast Walkway. Which starts at the Pacific Ocean in the CBD and runs south (via the peaks of Mt Eden and One Tree Hill) to reach Onehunga on the shores of the Tasman Sea. It is 16k one way (but a slowish 16k thanks to the hills) with an option to catch the train back to the CBD from Onehunga (for only $5). Or, for the marathoners, we’ll be going there and back for the big 32k. 

If you’re keen to join us for what will be an incredible 6 weeks of training, please use the code “FB30” to get $30 off when you sign up at

2 responses to “Gearing up for Spring TempoFit

  1. Looking forward to it Hayden! I’ve looked at the Coast to Coast walkway before but as a directionally-challenged runner haven’t been brave enough to do it alone!

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