Wellington Round the Bays training

By Hayden Shearman // Surrounded by the madness of the silly season and with carols permanently engrained in our minds, now is the time bust some that end-of-year stress with a step up in training intensity. Here’s how …

The key to exercising during busy stages of life is to get a lot of bang for your buck i.e. burn the most calories in the shortest amount. So you should start each workout with 10-15mins of easy jogging (or walk/jogging if you’re new to running) to get warmed up. Then do 15-30mins of going hard. And finish with 10-15mins of easy jogging to warm down.

This way you can be done and dusted, sweated and showered, within an hour!

Here are three ideas for workouts and locations within the Wellington region that are quick and effective:

1. Mt Vic FartlekMt Victoria Wellington

Begin with a nice 10min jog out to Oriental Bay from the city. Then follow the trails from Grass St up and around Mt Victoria. However, spend the next 15-30mins running harder for 3mins (not sprinting but a gear or two above a jog) and then jog real easy for 2mins (this could be a walk). Repeat these 3min-on-2min-off patterns while exploring the hilly trails around the sides of Mt Vic. Then jog back to the city for your warm down.

Running QEII Park Kapiti2. QEII Park Tempo, Raumati

Call in to this stunning coastal park on your commute or coastal day trip. The parks rolling sand dunes and gravel trails will provide a great workout in the coastal air. Jog warm up for 10-15mins. Then run for 15-30mins at a speed you think you could hold for an hour if you had to. Warm down with 10min jogging.

3. Hutt River Out and BackRunning Hutt Valley River Trail

Incredibly tranquil early in the morning and in the evenings, find your favorite stretch of Hutt River trail for this running challenge. Jog for 20mins in one direction and then turn and see how fast you can run back to your starting position (can you beat 17mins?). This is a great one to do with friends (or even with kids on their bikes) as you all can run at your own pace but finish at exactly the same time. Finish with 10min jog warm down.

Happy stress busting everyone!

Wellington Round the Bays workouts

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