Training for Cigna Round the Bays: The Final Countdown

With just a week to go till race day I have good news and bad news for you.

First the bad news … don’t tell all the people sprinting up and down Oriental Parade but it’s kinda too late to start increasing the training. Anything too strenuous that you do between now and Sunday 22 February will likely just make your legs feel heavier on race day.

Now for the good news … you can pretty much take it easy for the remainder of your training block for Cigna Round the Bays. Yay!

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Training for Cigna Round the Bays: Practise Makes Perfect

Don’t arrive on the start line realising that your GPS battery is dead, you had too much McD’s for breakie, you’ve forgotten your running shoes and only have your jandals, your new fluro Nike running shorts are already chaffing, and you have no idea how fast or slow to run … this is where a little practise comes in handy.

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