TempoFit Teams

Here are our training teams for the Spring Season of TempoFit—all inspired from famous runners.

The Smiths (7min/km+)

kim smithInspiration: Auckland’s very own Kim Smith, the NZ record holder over every distance from 3k to marathon. She’s a gal who can beat practically every guy in NZ!
Easy/Long Pace: 7:00 min/km +
Threshold Pace: 6:10-6:50 min/km
VO2max Pace: 5:40-6:30 min/km
Repetition Pace: 2:00 min/400m
5k Race Time: 30mins +  

Flo-Jos (6:30min/km)

florenceInspiration: Florence Griffith Joyner, the glam sprinter of the 80s who brought the catwalk (read: fluro spandex and fake nails) to the athletics track—and still holds the 100m world record of 10.49secs.
Easy/Long Pace: 6:30 min/km
Threshold Pace: 5:50-6:10 min/km
VO2max Pace: 5:20-5:40 min/km
Repetition Pace: 1:52 min/400m
5k Race Time: 27-30mins

The Bolts (6:00min/km)

Usain_Bolt,_Anniversary_Games,_London_2013Inspiration: The fastest (and arguably coolest) man on the planet, Usain Bolt.
Easy/Long Pace: 6:30 min/km
Threshold Pace: 5:10-5:40 min/km
VO2max Pace: 4:50-5:10 min/km
Repetition Pace: 1:43 min/400m
5k Race Time: 24-27mins

The Switzers (5:30min/km)

switzerInspiration: Kathrine Switzer who was the first woman to ever run the Boston Marathon five years before they were officially allowed to. She was man-handled by the race director who tried to remove her from the iconic event—she finished the race and changed marathon running forever. Kathrine visits New Zealand often.
Easy/Long Pace: 5:30 min/km
Threshold Pace: 4:30-5:10 min/km
VO2max Pace: 4:15-5:00 min/km
Repetition Pace: 1:30 min/400m
5k Race Time: 22-24mins

J-Walkers (5:00min/km)

walkerInspiration: One of the world’s greatest middle distance runners, John Walker (1500m gold in ’76 and multiple world records), who also happens to be an Aucklander!
Easy/Long Pace: 5:00 min/km
Threshold Pace: 4:10-4:30 min/km
VO2max Pace: 3:50-4:10 min/km
Repetition Pace: 1:24 min/400m
5k Race Time: 22mins or less