TempoFit Testimonials


“Within the first five minutes of my first session, my worries of not being ‘good enough’ quickly vanished as there are so many different levels of ability which makes each session so encouraging and dynamic. After only three weeks I noticed a huge improvement to my technique and speed.  I did not expect that so quickly! Hayden and Charlotte are just awesome at what they do and I’m already looking forward to the next season!”

– Sarah

“TempoFit definitely sped me up. In the half I beat my target of sub two hours and finished 10 minutes faster than last year.”
– Becky

“I recommend TempoFit to runners of all abilities. While the sessions are held in groups, the format of the programme means that every individual will benefit from the training on offer. The programme is well organised and highly professional. Hayden and Charlotte were friendly, made the sessions enjoyable, and were available to answer any running relating questions. At the start of the Tempo Fit Programme, Hayden said that we wouldn’t want to miss a single session. I took the comment with a pinch of salt however he proved to be spot on!”
– Paul

“Doing the speed work with an experienced coach was much easier than trying to push myself to do it alone. Hayden worked out all the numbers, such as my threshold pace, and kept a record of all this. If like me, you are not so good on the science side, TempoFit can really help. As a result, I have been running faster over hills and finding that burst of energy mid run on the long runs, as opposed to simply plodding at the same pace as I was doing previously. I also think for the number of sessions you get it is good value for money and cheaper than some of the other programmes I have seen.”
– Molly

“Mostly what I got out of TempoFit was motivation. I had gotten bored with running and it was great to do something different. I really enjoyed the mix of different workouts (e.g. instead of just going for a run 3x a week).”
– Anonymous Survey Respondent (Spring 2013)

“I have learnt so much from the training and would definitely recommend it to everyone I know.”
– Anonymous Survey Respondent (Spring 2013)

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